Active rigid body cubes intersect passive rigid body animated mesh

Hi forum,

I have a simple physics setup. Two cubes falling into an animated cup. I can’t figure out what settings to tweak so that the simulation won’t make the simple error of meshes intersecting.

I have tried different collision margin values but haven’t been able to fix the issue. Sometimes the cubes explode out of the cup. I don’t understand why. I have also tried increasing the substeps per frame and solver iterations values. But the problem persists.

There is something fundamental that I’m missing about how to work with the physics simulations in Blender. Which settings are important for this kind of simulation?

Thanks for the help.

ice test1.blend (4.4 MB)

With Blender 2.93 and the molecular add-on in works well without much work in figuring out collisions settings. Why doesn’t it work with Blender 3’s native physics?

The technique described in the following article solved my problem.