Active tool panel is interfering with viewport work

You know, this one really frustrates me each time in the newer blender versions.
When you try to adjust or add some of the tools, this little panel is interfering with viewports and the work yo may do some direct actions on, why not just make this panel floating so we can move it to the side, or maintain this panel next to the other panels in the right sections with modifiers, vertex, active tools etc?

It just get´s in the way all the time I think.(bottom let corner in the image interfering with just recent extended points)

Did I miss some settings to override this?

Yeah, we are all waiting for this…:frowning:

In the meantime you can press F9 to open a floating version of this…

It’s terrible, but… :upside_down_face:

It´s better, but still…the old panel is still there, minimized.

Kill it… :wink:


Hiding old big tools panel (T) and changing adjust last operation hotkey to something easier to reach like Q was a pretty popular way of working in 2.79 or older. Similar stuff can be done in modern versions, though Q hotkey is taken up by quick favorites so you might want to rebind it to Alt+Q. And probably unbind Ctrl+Q from quit blender to prevent accidents :slight_smile:

This abomination of 2.8 refactor was not desired.

Original plan was to replace this panel by a row of settings.
But not all operators could have all of their settings contained in a row.
So, developers wanted to add a More button for opening a popover reserved to less used settings.
What would have been another abomination. Because there is no such thing as less used settings.
By definition, an adjustment is concerning a specific case.
When you need that panel to adjust one setting, that setting could be any setting of the operator.

This TODO task description that I forgot was another abomination confusing last operator executed with active tool settings. So, any new user jumping into discussion in early days of 2.8, was not getting the purpose of this panel.

And as usual, the unsatisfying respond that is brought up is to use F9.
So, developers are acting like there was no problem.

That is a real curse.

Developers could make the effort to move that panel in sidebar, to make another toolbar design that could embed it, to move it into Properties Editor, to move it into Info Editor.
There are many solutions to make design better than actual one.
But they did not choose any of them, until now.

I really wish that will be a target of UI workshop before 3.0.

Great thank´s