Active tools controls not working? and not numeric panel or top panel controls for the tool

When you for instance make a bevel, or a loop cut, you will first have the almost hidden tool panel at the left corner of the viewport to set divisions or bevel controls, but there are also controls popping up on the top bar of the viewports, and there is also controls in the tool menu of the numeric panel, and there is also the same controls in active tools and workspace settings ( wrench and screwdriver icon)

Now…when I try to use all those other three controls, it has no effect on the edited item at all…it´s just the main little black menu control that will let me change the mesh.

Blender 2.81 experimental.
And the latest 2.82 build…it´s the same.

Beats me why there are anything else than that little black menu for adjusting it, if the other ones isn´t working to change the edit, why do we even have those controls there?

Either I have missed activating something to get those to work, or it´s a bug or not intended to work at all?

What is working though, that is the sculpting mode and using the top menu or the active tool menu, or the numeric panel.

Hi, can you post a screenshot of your problem. It’s all working fine for me.
Some tools will only work in edit mode, and modifiers only work in object mode.

Screenshots isn´t enough, you would need to see me doing actions like changing the value sliders in the top menu for bevel, or in the right menus (numeric tool panel) or the active tool panel…you don´t need a screenshot to know what that is, I would have to record it for you to see that nothing is happening.

Yes, some tools work in edit mode, such as bevel and loop cut…modifiers isn´t in for the question at all.

So strange that it works for you but not for me then, can´t help reinstalling either since I just installed the latest 2.82 build and if there ever was a bug with this, it shold have been taken care of with that build.

Windows 10, nvidia gtx 1080.

Oh well, whipped up some markings, controls within the red marquee not working…while the one in green is the only one working.

As mentioned…in sculpting this works, not sure if it was intended to work with edit mode or not, and if not…a complete waste of UI space and workflow.

I will try this same setup and let you know later.

What you have marked as green is the “Adjust last operation panel” this means when you changes anything there it does something like undo of the last action and does it again with different properties.

What you have marked as red are the properties of the tool. They work before you preform an action. Like in the video below

Ok…understand, though first impression from me is that it is a weird workflow with settings unecessary all over the place, while the "adjust last operations could worked on in the same panel to the right “active tool”

The adjust last operation is sometimes in the way of the workspace where you have the model, that´s why I don´t like it´s placement, would be nice if you could tear that off and place that panel somewhere else.

Not sure…perhaps I will adapt to it and later find it more initiuve, but currently…I don´t like that workflow.

Thanks Jerzy for describing it well so I at least know there wasn´t something wrong.