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(Craig Jones) #364

I don’t get it - what do y’all mean ‘Global Brush Palette’? I have the ability to make a palette in Texture paint, and the ability to make one in Vertex Paint - and I have no problem calling up the one into the other. Haven’t checked into the problem with sculpt mode yet.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #365

You can no longer see all your brushes at once in the brush palette as before.

Now they are all saparate by brush/tool type.

(Craig Jones) #366

Then we have a language problem already because a collection of brushes is not a palette. I don’t know what to call it but palette is not a correct word here.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #367

This is called brush palette in Zbrush, so I’m used to call it that way. Maybe it’s different in Blender. Panel/menu maybe?
And yeah, on top of that, I don’t speak english either… things might be a little off…

(Indy_logic) #368

Hahahahahaha! You are really funny. An entire thread fulled to the brim with the most negative and straight up rude reactions and it’s somehow, not enough for you. Really?

I’m glad you guys are all voicing your opinions. I really am. But really guys, I think you’re made your point.

(zeauro) #369

It was something common to all brushes until now.
So people were referring to it as brush selector or brushes thumbnails.
It had probably no name for users because it was not problematic.

We cannot call that a collection of brushes. User have not the control on that. There is no collector.
The change is what devs are calling categorization of brushes by tool or one brush per tool.
What everybody is complaining about since one week.

Brushes Palettes would be an acceptable name ; if, as for a collection, user would be able to manage them.
User choose what colors are in a color palette. That would be a perfect name if user was choosing what brushes are in used brushes palette.

We must have something like that.

We should be able to build them by adding brush to a palette by right click menu and/or by a brush property.

(TheRedWaxPolice) #370

A global brush palette is a must, like in zbrush.

Can’t live without it… :wink:

(Craig Jones) #371

Can’t get around the use of the word. I paint, and never referred to a palette for my assorted brushes. Sculpting isn’t even done with brushes in reality, so this is even more of a weird situation.

Realized now we refer to them as sets of brushes, and that is how I see them advertised for sale, as individual or in sets. If we refer to where we keep them, we talk about our brush kit or tool bag. Set for groups, kit for the assorted as a whole. Maybe think about it?

(• I don't speak English "by default", so... 😉) #372

Brush palette is the popular name because of zbrush. This can be anything.

(zeauro) #373

You are right.
But that does not change the fact that use of the word palette can make sense in zbrush as a metaphor.
Each brush icon arranged in an area of screen can be seen as a color paint on a palette.
And the stylus of your tablet would correspond to brush picking color.
Your mind have to do an offset.

That is not an ideal name. But the problem is not the name.
The problem is that quick brush switch with stylus is not possible if needed brushes kit contains a significant amount of brushes in same category.
Do you agree that is a problem ?

(Thinking Polygons) #374

This is exactly what Blender needs. End of the story! :v:

(Craig Jones) #375

So if I understand this, then we would get to have subgroups or small palettes of brush categories and then a global brush list/palette to choose any and all. So the best is to be able to tag them from the global into sub-palettes of our own design, right?

(Zinogg) #376

i think they can make it even better by adding the possibility to toggle between only two brushes with one hotkey, this will greatly improve the speed of using brushes, instead of assigning each one to a hotkey.

(Zinogg) #377

well technically now they are in the Active tools panel just like in edit mode…so basically they are tools but both terms brushes and palette are used for 2d part, maybe internally they are separate…the funny thing is, zbrush calls meshes ‘subtools’ and tools ‘brushes’ lol

(Thinking Polygons) #378

To be honest I wouldn’t worry about subgroups or small palettes of brushes at this point, that would be the job of the asset manager. The global brush list/palette is all we need for now, but yes, if we could have both systems it would be ok too.

(Craig Jones) #379

This would be like the paint brushes having the second color as toggle with x key, but would be a pair of sculpt brushes, very convenient.

(zeauro) #380


No. The job of asset manager is how to expose brushes to import them. The question to solve here, is how to expose brushes while sculpting and painting with them. The shade is important to understand that this question has an higher priority.
I am talking about actions that will correspond a fifth or a quarter of your actions during a sculpting/painting session. Not about 3 or 4 import of brushes during a session.

Currently, you can hold a key to call a brush. Example of that is Smooth brush in sculpt mode.
That is not exactly a toggle.
Creating a toggle require to recall previous brush or a specified one.
We could imagine a toggle between Draw brush and Soften brush in default keymap for Texture paint mode. But to be efficient, most of them will have to be created by user for what corresponds to his workflow.
That means a hard and long work of customization to create pertinent shortcuts.

Plus, that does not change the fact that if your brush kit contains several draw brushes using different textures and several soften brushes, the toggle key will stay relative to only 2 brushes specified by user or 2 brushes categorized as active tools in toolbar.

That is a lot less powerful than a flexible tag system for customization that brings a quick click in toolbar to call any brush needed.

(Zinogg) #381

switching with hotkeys is faster than going to toolbar it’s just needs to accommodate for multiple brushes, i prefer this way rather than huge list with all brushes especially now with the mono icons you can’t even distinguish between them…one click is better than two.

(zeauro) #382

Right. But it can only apply to few brushes.
You will not create 30 shortcuts per paint modes and sculpt mode and remember them all.

My point is that can’t be easy. Imagine that you create a custom brush for a specific work.
If your workflow is based only on hotkeys : you have to change your keymap ; each time, you encounters this situation.

Blender does not provide a huge list of brushes. 18 brushes in sculpt mode.
Light version of Zbrush, Zbrush core provides 35 brushes.
If you purchase brushes pack, you will end-up with hundreds of brushes.

It is up to the user to choose with how many brushes, he will work with.
It is up to the user to organize his files, to set-up his start-up.blend file or his templates to work with less than 18 brushes.
It is no more possible in 2.8 recent build. But if you want to start blender with only one brush available in sculpt mode, in 2.79, you can.
I propose to restore this ability.

What is dumb is to think that every blender user is only using the 18 brushes present by default.
By creating different brushes for dyntopo and multires workflow, I am easily doubling this number.
That does not mean that I need to use Dyntopo brushes while working on a mesh with multiresolution modifier. Or multires brushes while working in dyntopo mode.
My proposal of palettes of brushes mean that you would be able to create a toolbar of 3 brushes if you want.

Mouse over the button will give to you, brush name.
If toolbar displays brushes tagged to be included in a palette. Maybe user could manage order of brushes.
In that case, brushes using similar icons could be distributed in palette to not be displayed next to each other.
I proposed that a letter or number or a symbol or a color would overlay the icon.
That is a solvable problem. That is something that user may deal with.

But what user can’t deal with is current several clicks workflow.
I agree one click is better than two.
What is dumb with latest builds is that you are forced to do two clicks in brush selector instead of one in toolbar.

With latest builds, just create 3 Draw brushes in texture paint mode. 1 red, 1 blue and 1 green.
How do you switch from one of this brush to another ?

That is just an example. I know that we can build color palette.
Just imagine that your custom brushes are not limited to one color change but to 3 or 4 settings changes.
Behavior of 2.8 will be the same.

My proposal is to be able to do the switch by one click in toolbar for that after creation of a brush set/kit/palette.
Your suggestion is that a user could easily remapped a shortcut at each creation of a custom brush.
I doubt that would be fluent. Especially with brushes as data of blend files, you would have to remember what hotkey is corresponding to what custom brush of what blend file. Or to redo remapping of shortcut at each opening of .blend file.

(Thinking Polygons) #383

All I’m saying is, in a scuplting app environment there’s no room for group of brushes to be separate and hidden under different “tools” or anything else, this is a waste of time.