Activision to start milking Call of Duty like Guitar Hero (milk it till it falls);title;1

Yep, at this rate in a few years we’ll be seeing as many Call of Duty games as Guitar Hero games, in other words perhaps milk it till the market’s over-saturated and it no longer makes a profit.

I respect that the company would want to continue making more installments due to its popularity and success but all the full-fledged installments they’re planning would burn out the market and cost too much for gamers to get every installment (not to mention the chance quality would suffer and gamers would not even be able to enjoy the games).

The series has done just fine with one release per year (because gamers have a lot of time to enjoy the game) with studios working on one for two years, I guess they’ll accelerate the installment release cycle into oversaturation territory and perhaps result in lower quality instead of the slower release cycle they have been doing.:rolleyes:

CEO and president of the studio that created Call of Duty, Infinity Ward, appeared to have been fired

Wow. Only a few months after his company’s game was the best selling game in history? Fired? Harsh

Anyone know why he was fired?

insubordination apparently…

Probably refused to water down / sequel churn COD. Well good for him, if that’s the case. Hope he finds another job at a company that cares about the quality of their products.

hey to make the rusty bucket over flow i herd that they are finally going to be making a call of duty veitnam game
to me they waited to long for this one

You mean the games that have come out before in the Call of Duty franchise were high quality? I seem to remember the last good call of duty game being the first one lol. COD is the Twilight of games. Let them burn themselves out. I’m just not looking forward to finding a place to put all the used copies we get in back at GameStop.

You make it sound like the COD series of games hasn’t already been milked to failing point???


Well if that’s the case explain to me why CoD Modern Warfare 2 was one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) game of the year?

Milk it like it’s sum BBBBIIIIGGGGG BOOBIES

Ace, I have a XPS 720 too, only I switched out my dual 8800GTX SLI for a single GTX 295 1 GIG ram, (soon I will have 2 so I can do quad SLI).

Anyway, Try battlefield Bad company 2!
You can blow holes in walls, destroy trees, and damage everything else.

i upgrades to windows 7, and the dirext X 11 graphics really rock.

Next to Shattered Horizion, i say BFBC2 is the best multi player experience ever! COD was stale after COD 2 anyway. It is all regurgitated game play from the ancient quake 3 mod they made in the first place.(which really rocked at the time). I still get a jolly off COD, but it really is getting old.

Shattered Horizion, and BFBC2 are really the way to go, if you want some great multiplayer action.

Everything before COD 3 was awesome. And COD 4:MW also. Sticking it to European warfare during WWII is still [was] what COD was best at. They’ve ruined the formula, IMO. I might still buy it, but i certainly wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much. :frowning:

I think they should be more creative in making these games. They got a perfect gameplay. But why does it have to be taking place in wars between humans? They should explore their fantasies. I had this weird idea while I was playing the game yesterday.

Game idea 1

*A game like cod, but with animals. Yeah wouldn’t it be cool! You could fight in the northern lands with bears and wolfes. Elks and mooses…eagles and killer whales. Foxes and polar bears. Or you could be in africa fighting as a lion on the savanna against angry hyenas. Or you could play the gamemode take down the elephant. Where hyenas/lions would have to cooperate to take down a raging elephant. (Another player).

Instead of choosing different weapons you would choose animals to play with and cuztomise them with equipment and perks. Longer claws for the siberian tiger etc…some animals are stronger etc. You unlock the rhino at level 65.

Game idea 2

If they have to stay with wars between humans, then why the big wars. Cowboys vs indians would be awesome. A cod game but with cowboys and indians instead would be awesome.

because modern warfare was the first to be set in modern times instead of WW2. That is why. Activision makes one call of duty per year, trenchyard and Infinity Ward take turn so each game has a 2 year dev cycle. From what I’ve heard Infinity Ward didn’t get royalties for Modern Warfare.

There is a new story today about the sacked CEO’s doing a counter suite.
Looks like Activision is just trying to get out of paying royalty on the CODMW2 deal. (over 1 billion sold!!!).

I can see why ID software dumped them now.

Here is the story on the english Kotaku site:

I have pretty much given up on the “big” game publishers. Now I buy everything from Direct2drive and Steam to skroo the big publishers out of some of their profits.

I remember when activision was cool! I had Pitfall , and River Raid is still one of my favourite games to this day.

“take all the fun out of making video games” — Activision CEO Bobby Kotick.

Hey not all big publishers are bad people…for instance. BioWare still loves gamers and not just the money…they make tons of that anyway.

This part I just find disturbing from a major multi-billion dollar company who already gives bad treatment to its employees

West and Zampella claim that Activision refused to tell them what they were being investigated for, “insisting instead in Orwellian fashion that West and Zampella ‘already have a clear understanding of what they have or have not done.’” The publisher’s investigators are accused of using strongarm tactics, including a six-hour “interrogation” in a windowless conference room over the President’s Day weekend. Additionally, West and Zampella said Activision representatives interviewed other Infinity Ward employees so doggedly it drove them to tears, and then told the pair they would be guilty of insubordination–grounds for termination–if they attempted to console the employees. The suit also claims that Activision insisted that West and Zampella turn over their personal computers, cell phones, and other such devices for review. When the pair cited their right to privacy, they were told that asserting that right would be considered insubordination.

This is worse than the company in the Dilbert strip, they add the tyrannical atmosphere of the one in Blondie on top of it on top of the worst aspect of the company in the comic strip Born Loser. (look up the strips if you don’t get them in your paper)

Very simply put :slight_smile: but that is true. What could they possibly think doing that is going to get them? I will boycott Call of Duty games forever now :(. It’s like it was made in sweatshops by kids in malasia.

Please…boycott games when they suck. Not because the company makes lots of them.