actor buttons missing

i’m in v2.34 - start fresh, create some objects, go to the game logic buttons - and the actor buttons are missing, properties and logic bricks are here, but nothing else. i reinstalled everything - no change.

i must have opened an existing game file in 2.34 before this, cuz i have been editing game stuff for weeks until now…

any ideas on this one???

I have to adjust the size of the windows all the time on my laptop. This might be what has happened to you. The window needs to be enlarged to see the missing buttons.

I think I had this happen yesterday, except I was using 2.41. It was the wierdest thing, the actor buttons were missing and scaling the window didn’t fix it. I closed Blender and re-opened the file and it went away.

I don’t know if this is a bug or if I just didn’t notice something (can happen after working behind the screen for 12+ hours a day :o ) but I haven’t seen it since.

ya - i tried all sorts of scaling of the window - actor buttons never reappeared. so i opened an old game file, stripped it down, and saved new user defaults. now the default cube is a dynamic actor - all seems to be normal again.

oh not again, just chose a physic engine from the list at world buttons, sumo would do. Why are you uding 2,34 for? cvs is much better

by cvs you mean the latest build???

i find that all the versions beyond 2.34 are broken in one way or another - ipos dont work, standalones “hiccup”, properties are broken, etc. etc.

2.34 seems to be the most stable release of the GE since 2.25.

yes, latest build, I think theres a little problem with the logic buttons drawing in latest builds but other than that they are very stable now.