Actor Probs


I think I’ve asked this question before, but I can’t find the post anywhere, so here it is again. My character mesh is set to dynamic and the armature is set to no collision. I need the character to follow the terrain (up hills and down valleys) but when I set it to dynamic or rigid body and press the forward key, he takes off like a lightning bolt. :eek:
What’s up? Also, I can’t see the radius sphere marker thingy when I try to adjust the mesh radius. So I have to guess and check. Do I have that turned off or something? How do I enable it?:confused: Someone helped me before with the crazy mesh problem, but I forgot what I did? :o

It’s easier to create an extra cube, make it invisible and place it in the center of your character. Set the cube to “no collision” and parent the armature to the cube. Set the armature to “no collision” too. Parent the character mesh to the armature and set the mesh to “dynamic body” and bounds to “box”. Now use logic bricks to move the CUBE instead of the character mesh. I haven’t tested it yet at hills, but it works in buildings.

Okie dokie. Thanks, dude. I’ll try it ASAP. :slight_smile:

Hey, dude

Just found that old post! Wanna check it out. This really works nice!