Actors and the Radar


In a Jump and run game where i want be able to detect if a unit is on ground or next to a wall i would use the radar sensor, but this sensor wants all stuff to be actors.

The game will have alot of objects and i wasnt sure if it is better to use this method and set all to actor or better use rays and handle stuff over Python? (performance wise)

It’s kind of an interesting problem that jump and run games present, because only raycasts will return where the collision points are (so that you can, for example, snap to the ground), but Bullet physics objects allows you to have more margin area (i.e. by using a box to tell when your character hits the ground).

I would guess the radar method wouldn’t be too bad, since any dynamic objects, like crates, should probably be actors, but any static objects would probably be joined together. I think I would go with the raycast method, since it allows you to get the hit position to use, and possibly fallback to a object, like a box, that would be parented to the player and tell it when it collides with the ground or a wall (which is pretty much what you’re considering, I think).


Ye, i missread somthing, but this is what i think i will have to do, raycast the @#$% out of my game.

thank you alot.
Its just that i need a second opinion on it :slight_smile: