Actors do not detect added objects?

I was just killing time trying to do a Space Invaders game, when I found that the ‘laser beams’ my player ship created could not kill the baddies.

The beams are just cubes that ‘fire’ through Edit Object: Add “Cube”. They have built-in movement. I found, however, that the invader models, set to End Object (i.e. end themselves and disappear) when a beam came close, did not do so! It turns out, the game only checks the proximity of the ‘beam’ cubes when they are CREATED. If they are created close enough to the enemy, the enemy disappears (object Ends). If they are created too far away and then move close enough, nothing happens.

How do I solve this problem?

Thanks up front!

the bad guys need to be dynamic, or have an IPO to register collision.

You might be able to do this with a near sensor, but be careful the near sensor can get expensive really quick.

just use the LinV to move them, and they wont fall. DONT USE Dloc, it defeats the collision detector.

Eh??? :confused:

that means that sometime using Dloc the object will pass trought things ignoring collision, anyway when you’ll use Dloc it will be affected by gravity so I suggest you to use IPO or linv like Mmph! said

Oh, thanks! These little details could be what keep tripping me…

hmm, I dont understand? cant you make the new object a ghost, and then send a message to the other one on collision, to end object? and still use dloc? I thought I did that before… but I could be thinking of something else…