Actor's Head

I had a few problems with it because I did not have a profile reference image, i just had to wing it. I would not recommend doing it that way and I won’t again. I could not get kinky hair becomes a mess when i tried. Other than that it came out okay I think.


Great effort there mate, I can see the likeness!!

Have you taken it into a sculpt package and given that a go? it seems a mite smooth at the moment.

I’m guessing its an older reference picture cause he doesnt look that young anymore lol.

Can you render a larger image?


Greenlig, you did not say who you think it is. No I did use sculpt mode just plain ol Blender. i am not sure what you mean by smooth but if you are refering to the skin I had bumpmapped it to get leather looking skin then decided just to bumpmap some of the wrinkles Check out this other one without hair. I think the straight hair
takes away from his face.


You named the file with the actors name :P.

Nice Likeness, the hair is a little off.

I know I named the file with his name but I was hoping no one would notice.
Next one i am doing I will not give away the name. I was only wondering if It looks like him, working on him after a while I think it looks like him other times I don’t. He looks better I think without the hair rendered.


Hey,that’s actually kinda nice.

Can definitly see who it is, and I like the feeling of simplicity in the model. Good luck with the hair(deja vu) if you decide to keep trying.

Try pressing the “Mesh” button in the particle settings. There isn’t any skin under the hair…