Actual Skeleton modeling + anatomy question?

All the vids I find on Youtube and google are about rigging a “skeleton”, but I want to make a real skeleton. Are there any tuts on that?

Also are there any tuts on adding muscles and joints (followed by skin) to said actual skeleton? I find it somewhat frustrating that there are tons of vids on making a 3d body, or rigging, but non on building something from the skeleton on up.

I haven’t seen any of what you’re looking for. The closest I’ve ever seen is when some developers start working with a ‘muscle system’ which simulates muscle attachments and shape changes as the muscle contracts. Those have all been in the way of demos, though, rather than tutorials.

Dang. That kind of stinks. How much do you think someone would charge to commission a demo for something like that?

I have no idea what they might charge, if they’d even do it. Keep in mind, these were not Blender devs, the muscle systems were add-ons to one of the other 3D softs, I forget which one. I don’t think anyone in Blender is currently working on muscle systems, but I could be wrong.

Oh well, I’ll probably have to go see about commissioning something next month when I get paid. Thanks for the replies ^_^.

Well, you could play with shape keys, drivers, constraints and modifiers…For example, use shape keys to control the shape of the muscle as it contracts. Add (armature) drivers to the shape keys so you don’t need to set them manually. You could use hook modifiers to precisely attach the muscles to the joints, or “stretch to” constraints with constant volume, etc, etc…And then overlay the skin with a shrinkwrap modifier.
I hope this was helpful. With a bit of trial and error, I think you could make a good muscle rig.

There was something done earlier and then Market might have something afaik; check that next month ;).

I’m pretty sure that somewhere on the Internet you can already build or buy models of human skeletons (bones), properly proportioned etc. Rigging them up into a muscular system would be an entirely different matter. Even so, there might be a commercial market for that, which would suggest that somebody out there has probably done that, too. (Tho’ perhaps not for Blender.)

Poser comes with a ton of free models - including very detailed male and female skeletons and musculature, which are articulated and rigged for animation. The skeletons and musculature can be used individually or the muscles parented to the skeletons and used as a single item.

Try visiting the Poser (Smith Micro) site and see whether you can purchase them without having to purchase the application. You could then download the free Daz3D Studio application to load the native Poser .cr2 file and export as .dae, which brings it into Blender fully rigged and animatable.

Bit of a roundabout trip, but worth it if you are that keen:)

Edit: Or you could get this one free