Actuators must die!

Yah, in python how do you make a actuator stop? I tried…

GameLogic.addActiveActuator(act, False)

and a bunch of other crap that I knew wouldn’t work and all it did was make me angry. Uh and im using 2.37.


Where you have False, try 1 or 0, on or off, respectively. (I think?) :slight_smile:

nope, dont work. thnx for posting though

> Uh and im using 2.37

Have you tried using 2.41 RC1?

If it is a bug, it’s better to have it fixed in the new, enhanced version.

%| Umm what do you mean by make it stop?

putting a 0 in place of the false should work. Can you copy and paste your whole code here. Cause the only reason any of the code would run is if it is activated by a sensor.

Jason Lin

nvm I got it. thnx

Care to let us know what the problem was in the end? :slight_smile: