Acura Integra Type R

This is my third car. There are way too many on this forum already, but that the heck.
Everyone says it, so i won’t. Just give me some feedback.

a little update and material upgrade:
more coming soon.

Looks great. I can’t see any crits, but admittedly I don’t know much about cars :slight_smile:

i gots some more:
any interior tips guys?

… no idea on the interior…

there’s something that annoys me with the seam with your door, especially in the last one. the distance between the door and the body varies when it sweeps upwards

other than that, it looks fine to me


p.s.: are you using OSA on it, because the edges look a little jagged

a little wheel and tire update.
I need to do some texture clipping on that tire later…

I’m working on that right now, but it’s not really my focus as of late.

The side windows look strange, otherwise it’s a great model.