acura rsx - yafray questions

just my first results with that car that deserve a post. i actually got little time for work in this, so updates could thake some time…

thanks for viewing and keep blending

PS: how i link from this site???

good start ! Looks fine so far, just remember to join the verts in the middle when ur done

good start …

i like a lot

thanks for the kind words.

following a yafray render in some pimp color (or maybe just gay :P)

PS: still need to find how to post images… :expressionless:

If you click your link, and right click on the image and go to properties, you can see the url ( That’s what you need in the [img] tag.

Anyways, it looks good. No complaints here.

changing directions… now i got some DTM style

already got the exterior done, and a big part of the interior… but other blender works and real work are keeping me away from it…

and i also have some yafray questions:
im trying to get some metalic paint… this is what i got right now

any hints on how to improve it??
and i can have some material in yaf with some settings like blender ramp shaders (i want the colors to change with the light) i dont know if yafray mix shader could do this, and i actually cant make it work at all. i get some wrong parameters stuff. if anyone can help me with this too…
thanks in advance
Here’s the pic for those (like me) who don’ wanna click…

I think the image is very nice. The camera is tilted a little too far. The wheel well “flares” & front/rear “skirts” (or “air dams”… whatever) wouldn’t last a day unless the suspension were gone, or if it were doin’ the indy five loop 24/7. Your rear window mesh needs setsmooth (you probably know this already…) and needs a lining around its edge. Why the orange mirrors? Can you even get air in those lo-pros? (Well, at least no flats! :slight_smile: )

Your yafray setup looks good to me. I like the fade to black in the distance, while having good white reflections on the paint. I don’t know about Yafray ramps, but I like what you have okay! Show us a similar shot from the front angle, when you get a chance! Keep at it!

front view… i know, tha lights looks like shit… will fix that sometime… right now im trying some pov-ray renders, to see what i can get