Acy Robo:: Demo

Hi there!
Here my new demo of my current WorkInProgress game:
Note:: the demo finish when you complete all the 3 missions on the first level.
Tell me what do you think :wink:

The scinematic looks really pronissing, but I think you forget to pack the textures. That option is on file > pack data. Repost a link and I’ll check it again, I’m curious how it looks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, here the correct link:

100 views and none comment?
please help me with councils in order to improve my game…

I can’t say much about it in a very good way but here are some things you should probably fix.

  1. The beginning is way to slow, it takes forever to actually get into the game.

  2. You might want to change the camera positions in the start aswell because I’m just looking at the same thing for a while and then something shows up in the corner. It just didn’t enfisise the story at all.

  3. The english needs to be cleaned up a bit some of it didn’t make any sense.

  4. This just might be my problem by I don’t see anything when I start the training. I push a bunch of keys but the screen stays the same color. For a second I can see somthing coming from the side of my monitor but thats about it.

P.S. Please don’t think me to harsh but thats what I believe needs to be fixed. From what I can tell this game looks like it could turn out pretty good. I like the idea behind it. :smiley: