Ad for Bandcontest


This year, there will be a bandcontest at our school and I was asked to create the ads. I thought that an electric guitar is typical for rock-concerts/contests, so I created one in blender (see attachment, constructive criticism is very welcome :))… I think the result isn’t perfect but up to the mark. But now I’ve a problem: I don’t have any cool idea how to implement the guitar into the ad and how to design the add at all. Are there any ads you know and like concerning bandcontest? Or do you have any ideas about how to align the single elements? Maybe that sound odd, but I just don’t have any ideas… The ad should contain the following:

  • The E-Guitar (of course)
  • school name
  • “Bandcontest”
  • Date, Time and Location
  • Entrance
  • signed up bands

Thanks in advance for every help :slight_smile:


wow, nice first result :slight_smile:

you can add text objects in blender.
otherwise, i don’t know what to suggest…

First, think like Jack Black. Once you are fully channeling his rocker mentality get to work. Do you have photoshop? Gimp? Draw some crazy cool curves with the pen tool, blasting out of the base of the guitar in the gimp (on a layer behind the guitar, then find a great font, add stroke and a glow, and put the name of the contest “Battle of the Bands” right across the top. Maybe use your school colors for the curves, and the font (as long as you have two nice color choices to work with) Then drop some glowing confetti from a particle system in Blender and add a layer of that stuff (tastefully) over everything. Don’t forget the name of your school in the same cool font at the bottom of the poster. And you could model some spotlights and then fake in some light coming out at angles from either side of the bottom part up towards the gutiar in the center. :cool: