Ad pop-ups and other displays

Hi guys

I noticed that nearly 1 out of two links I click here on Blenderartists results in Chrome to open also a new tap and displaying some ad related stuff such as:

Is this normal with the way how you let them advertise on BA?

I never get anything other than what I click, and I disabled adblock on BA. Sounds like you could be infected with some kind of adware maybe? These things will sometimes hijack clicks, display ads and make you believe it’s the website you’re visiting.

Have to agree with Piotr here. I get no ads other than the banner below the site navigation bar.

A quick way to check for infection is to just install Opera or Firefox and see if it does the same thing.

Odd this happened on OS X with Chrome.

I also had small div frame based videos ad being displayed in the lower right corner.

And I have not installed anything besides chrome and App Store apps.

Very strange, indeed. Does this happen to you with other browsers?