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Yo folks!

I figured I should start a little thread about my sculpts! I guess it will mainly be characters but who knows! This is my last sculpt (WIP)

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One more sculpt!

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Another sculpt!

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Long time no see!

Well, I just started scultping around yesterday night and figured I’d share the progress.

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Hey, good work man. Looking forward to seeing some full body sculpts. What kind of reference are you using?

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Thanks, man!

As a matter of fact I didnt use much of a reference for any of these. I eventually look up pictures of faces and certain features such as lips or eyes etc. I really believe in using references but many times I find myself being lazy and skipping them. For the last one I used a few pictures of myself. Just something to get an idea what it should look like.

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Another Sculpt, not finished. It was a little bit of a struggle in the beginning, but a little bit of persistence paid off. I’m surprised the hair turned out that good! :smile: Lots of fun! I have a base for a body as well, but nothing worth showing yet.

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And adding just a little asymmetry can go a long way!

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Another afternoon of sculpting!

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I must say it feels like I’m doing the same thing over and over again…