Adaptation For New User

Hi everyone.
I am new in Blender.
When i saw the features of 2.8 Beta, i decided to go on my 3d adventure with Blender.
Actually i am a C4D user for years and my all 3d experience is with it. Now i want to ask you Blender Guys, is there a source or a method, tutorial something like those to speed up my adaptation process from C4D to Blender?
For example the way that to find the alternative tools that i used to use, the alternative of MoGraph stuff, the options etc. May be there are some old C4D users and they can share some tips.

(One of the reasons i give up Cinema is, are you have to simulate liquid? You have to buy that Plug in. Also you want to make smoke and fire, here you are another expensive plug in. Particles? There are more if you buy that plug in. Render? Open your wallet and get more. You remind something in forums? You sucker treator, you know nothing about 3d… wellcome to cinema4d)

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For previous Blender Releases, I saw such kind of translation documents to help Maya users.
I am not aware of same thing for Cinema4D and 2.8.

2.8 is a beta. So, if somebody is currently writing such tutorial, he may wait 2.80 official release to publish it.

By default, there is no module like MoGraph that would centralize animation tools and procedural generations. Animation Nodes addon is an extension that would provide same kind of global overview of animation procedures. But it has an approach more like softimage ICE/Houdini where user needs to know what node does what. Animation nodes is simplified for a regular user because it re-uses existing modifiers, object types specificities.
So, even if you follow animation nodes tutorials, you will really master them when you will have learn modifiers, force fields, physics, text, curves regular workflows.

I never used C4D. But I never saw a C4D tutorial result that I was not able to achieve in Blender.
I know there are C4D users on this forum. They could probably reply to question you have.
Maybe one will soon release document you are searching for.
What is sure is that if you show or describe clearly what you want to achieve, you are maximizing your chances to obtain a valid reply into support forums.


Im not really sure why you need different plugins for liquid, smoke, fire, and particles in C4D. Insydium X-Particles covers everything for you (particles, fluids, cloth, dynamics).

Redshift was bought by Maxon this year, so its very possible its added onto C4D in future versions (like Maya Arnold).

For motion graphics, you cant compare Blender to C4D, it doesnt have fields, takes, render queue (from inside Blender), and so on… Type tool is also very basic in Blender (sorting through the fonts its cumbersome)

BUT, modeling and UV, right now, I can say, Blender is great and its ahead of C4D. Im sooo tired of using sweep, subdivision and extrude tools in C4D, or try to work around with inexistent UV tools.

If you mostly model, render and texture, Blender is great, you can even add it to your C4D pipeline because its free. If you are aiming to replace FX, then either buy X-particles, or learn Houdini -very hard to learn- because frankly, Blender particles / fluid are very basic compared to Insydium.

Insydium X-Particles was not the exact tool for liquid simulation. I’ve used it about 2 years ago. The option of making crown splashes etc. is added to x-particles at 2019, the last v.

I’ve done a lot of water simulation jobs. So i also had Realflow plugin. A lot of pro users i’ve seen got both, XP and RF. At top level (i am not) the result of XP is not as realistic and nice as RealFlow on fluid simulation.

What about Turbulence FD? If you make vfx you need it. In fact i didn’t need Turbulence for my jobs but i wanted to use it for personal works.

And render. Yes Maxon got Rdshift but as they say it does not mean they’ll give it free. Yes. They have a good render engine and they do not share it with their customers. You can only buy it.

At the end, i am a very new user of Blender. Almost i know nothing yet. I still do my works in C4D. Cinema 4D is the only 3D software i can really use. It comes easy to me. Why on earth do i want to change my tools if there was not a need? And whenever i watch the videos and tuts of Blender 2.80, i’ve really got excited.

We’ll see.

Most of modifiers can be influenced by weight groups, 2D or 3D textures or another object’s location.
So, basically what you are using fields for in C4D can be achieved in other ways in Blender.
I am not saying that is simple but that is possible.
Animation nodes addon provides falloffs nodes that are looking like C4D Fields.

Most of physics effects in Blender have a cache system allowing to register several caches for one effect. It is not available for all effects. Sometimes, you have to create another viewlayer or another scene.
That can’t be compared to C4D takes but sometimes, that may be sufficient.

Blender have force fields to influence physics effects. Except for hair, their effect is only visible during an animation. They simply modifies trajectories of what is moving. There is a Turbulence force field.
If you want to create a displacement on a static frame, that will probably be more efficient to use a procedural texture.

That is true. Text object is a basic object with geometry options like Curve objects and support of several modifiers. Not so much options dedicated to text.
But there are several existing addons that may help.

I was a C4D user for almost 15 years. But I’ve switched to Blender because the cost of upgrading was just too much.

All I did was immerse myself in all the Youtube tutorials I could find.

You basically have to reorient your way of thinking about how to achieve certain things. I find myself really enjoying the new Blender way. And 2.8 has made it much simpler.

@Zeauro Im not understanding cache system and what Takes does. Basically Takes is similar to Partition system in XSI or Render Layers in Maya, I use it in C4D in Broadcast to do an animation with “Monday at 7 PM”, and then change the day and hour at will, then render queue all the changes Im doing, is extremelly fast to do it that way, and it helps a lot that Cinema lets you edit the text string for a different Take (unlike Maya)

Turbulence FD is a fluid simulation plugin, it doesnt have anything to do with Turbulence Force Field. Is quite powerful and easy to set up

I would love to hear about those plugins.

@muratz Im using both C4D + Blender, mostly for modeling / uv mapping and texturing. I also have x-particles, turbulence, realflow, cycles 4D, redshift but with the recent updates with x-particles Im not doing anything in TFD or Realflow, because even if some simulations are faster, I just cant live with all the goodies insydium has. Check the latest constrains tutorial (from maintenance training on )

Finally, Im not trying to tell anyone C4D is better or worse than Blender. Im just saying, for Motion Graphics, I really cant think of anything beating C4D, but for sketching or doing artwork, Blender has a lot of great examples on the art section in this forum.

Blender roadmap is cristal clear, they dont have updates for motion graphics at the moment.

@ miketche Im also loving 2.8

OK. I just quickly saw a video tutorial about Takes used to change physics. So, I wrongly interpreted what it was.
But that looks like what will bring Dynamic Overrides system.
Current 2.80 just have View Layers. But in original design of 2.8, user should be able to copy a view layer and just override anything he wants.

Thanks to explain to me what is Turbulence FD.
Clearly, if Turbulence FD is using GPU to compute fluids, it is probably a lot faster than Blender’s smokes. I suppose result is a lot dependent of you hardware.
For the rest : voxel-based gaseous fluid dynamics, intuitive workflow, fire shader, particle advection, adaptive domain, emitters, collision objects, ability to modify shader with curves, additional noise, viewport preview, voxel grid compression, ignition control for flames, up-res’ing
On paper, Blender smokes do the same thing.
If you take a look at Spring open movie, it should reassure you a little bit.

Thanks to all kind people who reply this topic.
Since we can look at different angles and add something to our experience process from each other.
My main reproaches were about cinema 4d is you need a lot of additional softwares to finish a work. And all them are expensive. We pay a serious price for a software, and we need to buy an external plug in (realflow) to make well fluid simulations. We need to buy another plug in to make complex particle works (x-particles). We need to buy another one (turbulence FD) to make fire, smoke like vfx… And if we want professional renders we need to buy a render software (Redshift) which is also belongs to Maxon!
Certainly Cinema 4d has got some superiorities. I use it, i know it. It’s very practical, it has unique MoGraph.
I only look at Maya, Blender and see they have those simulation options in. So it was possible. Why Maxon makes people buy a big software and besides buy extras?
I am so new at Blender. For now, i see its type tool is not good. And it would be better if that animation nodes was embedded in as a standart.
At the end, if you compare Blender and C4D, compare them also in price.
Blender and Animation Nodes and Eevee are free.
Cinema 4d + X-Particles + Redshift = $?
And a personal note: When i ask a question in Cinema 4d forum about some importing problem from Blender into Cinema, some people had written like i am a treator. I got so angry of that behavior.

You have to remember that the foundation only recently got a considerable amount of funding for development (from 5,500 to 40,000 euros each month). For a long time they only had 4 paid developers working on features, so there was a limit to which parts of blender they could improve at once.

They have recently hired the same developer of the animation nodes addon to work on their “everything nodes” project, so in the future a lot more areas of blender will be node based:

@muratz as I said, Blender does have particles, fluids, but are very basic - please I meant no offense - there is a branch with better fluids (manta flow) , but is not there yet. About render engine, Redshift is way faster than Cycles, so you are paying for the extra speed I suppose. Eevee is a really cool looking preview renderer that can be used for personal artwork, but I wouldn’t use it in production. You’ll never know what your client is gonna ask, and if Eevee will handle it.

What forum do you mean? C4d Cafe or cgtalk? I can try to help. I’m software agnostic.

Yes, i see that Blender fluid, particles are primitive yet. But exists at least. And with some adddons people make satisfying simulations. I’ve seen some of them in that channel ( )
Maxon sells Redshift. So we think different here. But you can compare the standart renderer and cycles or eevee. I do not work for Hollywood or Pixar. So i can use both cycles or eevee. (I make simulations, basic vfx and compositing works, all print and screen design works for Municipal City Water and Substructure Corporation. I am a permanent staff there) Anyway, i do not know as much to talk on Blender. I almost know nothing.
That forum was Cinema 4d Cafe and this was months ago. I replied that stupids in my way. Also when i write somewhere for example “at next version Cinema 4d can add those kinds of tools etc.” Some people pop up and starts praising the existing skills of the program.
Anyway, my financial standing is not bad. But also i have to say that the price of Cinema 4D is almost equal to 10 months total minimum wage of a family in my country. With 3 or 4 Cinema 4d licenses you can buy a small flat (100m2) in a city center.
At the end i don’t say Cinema is bad. But i say that free Blender is very good and you can almost do everything that you can in Cinema and over, it has plus simulation tools.
To be honest, if i were not started with Cinema 4d i would choose Blender with my eyes closed. Today i want to know at least basic Blender, so i can feel myself free and know i have a good option.
Have a good day.

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That’s one of the main reason they never become a serious competitor to any other 3d apps! Way too much expansive for what it is.

Never bother to even do a trial.

Regarding your question i switch a few month ago from 3ds max and it took me 3 month to get to speed in modeling and i still need to learn other branch of it but there is so many tutorials that you cannot go wrong with Blender learning path.

Regarding fluid simulation there is an excellent addon on the blender market and with the upcoming everything nodes the particle system is going to be amazing just watch the blender today 70 to see it in action.

My personal advice never critic blender here or else no one will answer your threads :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@muratz just so you know, xparticles has a 30 day demo starting today. Im waiting for Siggraph because I hope Redshift RT is on the way (they were working on a cheaper Real Time solution before Maxon bought them). Mostly for my daily work in News Channel, Hardware Render is enough. I use Redshift for work that requires time, and I bought Cycles / XP at home to do personal stuff.

@polynut Depending how Animation Nodes turn out to be, I probably would switch completedly to Blender, but is too early to tell. About Flip Fluids, they are great but I prefer c4D realflow or xparticles because with them I don’t need to cache the simulation for every change I make. I can preview the animation in real time, adjust it and only at the end cache the sim.

If that has changed, I would take another shot at it.

We are just a couple of weeks of Siggraph, if there are no UV enhanments in C4D, or anything that I would find useful, you guys will see me often here. Yesterday I found a nice plugin for my workflow called Animation Text Counter, and I believe im now a couple of plugins away to do a final switch ( I need an alternative to DEM Earth, wich I use all the time, I think Animation Nodes stopped develepment to focus on Everything Nodes, but I have to do some testing. I dont care much about Fire / Smoke, because I can use videos for that (with Blender Bloom they look really great), but at the moment, the Drag / Drop nature of C4D is so fast to work with (selecting objects with Shift on the outliner is a plus)

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Yes, the fact that Blender’s Vfx capabilities are a bit on the basic side is one reason why the Everything Nodes project exists.

The video already shows a number of things you can’t easily do with the existing particle functionality, and that is with the project just recently getting to where it can produce visible results.
Download and enjoy. :v:


I agree Luis it is too soon for anyone to know for sure about everything nodes but the recent success with funding make it look very positive and i am convinced they will pull this rabbit from the hat!