Hey all,

I have been working on this project for a few days.
Original Post:
This Link is an old Photoshop paint I did:
Here is my present version of OP:

What i would love to accomplish is an ethereal flame around my current render, using the old shop as a reference.
Please help! :slight_smile:

It looks more like glowing ice at the moment :slight_smile:
For the ethereal glow, you may want to try some textured particles. (with translucent textured planes as particles, or something like that. There are several posts about realistic clouds done that way in the forums, it may help to search for these)

i think i need to start with a hazy material if such a thing exists. The idea i have is to have several layers of textured mostly transparent haze over the existing final sphere, volumetric effects would be stellar. Closest thing i have seen is within a tutorial for planets, focusing on the atmospheric effects sections. I have a feeling i might be able to adapt the atmospheric effects to some specially designed models. I hope, perhaps, maybe…

Hey this kind of worked,
i like whats going on with the edges, but the middle is terrible.
any ideas? also the flame feels too defined, would a blend texture serve to soften it up?
i sculpted a sphere into shape gave it texture and ztransp with alpha 0.0 to get this “flame” effect.
ill see about setting up an ftp to get the blend file out there.
got things more the way i want… still having an issue producing the edge fade effect i am looking for.

meh, high rez reveals much :frowning:

getting the softer edge im looking for, simply deleted faces.
are there any good solutions to soften up the remaining polygons? they are very evident on this render

That’s looking quite good. How did you do it exactly?

I did the fire (if thats what you are asking about) by randomly selecting ~10-25% of the vertices and deleting them… granted this thing is running in the Subsurf level 7 range.
mostly i have been learning by trial and error. Blender is my first journey into 3d rendering. I have been playing with it for less than two months. Tons to learn,

I love

working around with the test build… :slight_smile: will need to back track and rebuild the flames… who cares my first test renders look promising.

Post when i get something resembling useful.

:oyup. sorry, i’ve posted in the wrong thread…:o

first afternoon of playing with the volumetric stuff yielded this… im getting there.