Adapting a couple textures to be seamless and square, here they are.

For what I’m seeing is a great texture repository, however the textures seen are not neccesarily seamless off the bat and require modification to be seamless and then square.

I’ve already done it to two textures

And made normalmaps for them (The stripes normal map is made strong on purpose, if you want you would set the nor value to .50 or less)

They weren’t seamless before and now they are. What I do is use PSP 7’s convert selection to seamless pattern feature first, then size it to 512x512 and then use conventional methods to make it seamless without taking a fortune of time. However about the time, these are based on two of the easier textures to do that for. So here they are, I’ve already found use for them myself.

Nice! contributions of this kind are always welcome.

I might aswell post some seamless cgtextures aswell.

And some more:

All 512*512 jpegs.

Be careful, you are not allowed to redistribute them. They make money from ads people click on the site, so they might get a bit irritated if on the off chance they find them here. I’m not a nark or anything, don’t worry. Just a heads up.