Adaptive DupliFaces Test

I’m testing a script Adaptive DupliFacesby Alessandro Zomparelli of sketches[of]code
Here is my first test

I noticed on this on I ended up with some rows double links, yet not bad for a first pass.

This one I tried to dive a little deeper in design.

This one I noticed that it slightly rotated it on the Z avis (even though Z is neutral, only X and Y determines the postion) horizontally, vertical is ok.
Again, still not a shabby second pass.

I could see lots of potential for the use of this script.
Props to Alessandro, awesome script.


nice tests and results
Very promising
Thanks Tung !

Thanks michalis, :slight_smile:
Here is another one…


Last one for the day :stuck_out_tongue:
I also included some of the pieces I have been using to duplicate.


uffff eso esta durisimo i like it nice addons

This time with a vault style arch…


Just a question
Why not a particles system?

The script seams plug and play.
I’m just having fun with it.
Of course you could use particle systems, not sure about particle system settings, but this script adjust the scale being dupe’d to the quads of the mesh…
So, in that aspect you are getting some scaling distortion, like at the top of the arch.


I see,
Well, it’s not working for me, giving random results.
Especially after applying a subsurf modifier.
It also misses some vertices randomly.
Is it compatible with 2.69?

Pure use of dupliverts
Much more control
It is also plug and play, right?

@ michalis,
I’m using the last revision before the freeze switching to git, r61240
It’s using the x and y of the quads for position, also notice the origin…
The component mesh coordinates in x and y will be reproduced in faces UV, considering both x and y going from 0 to 1
Adaptive DupliFaces

dupliverts allow for following quads normals? I’m haven’t used it. looks interesting as well :slight_smile:

Same arch with chain mail…


dupliverts will follow quad normals of course. They will also follow rotation of verts, alternatively scale of faces (inherit scale factor)
You have to select in the end (CTRL+A to apply as mesh, and as they are still selected CTRL+J to have them as one object)
However, I noticed in the adaptive duplifaces addon, it also applies a stretching accordingly to the stretching of the quads. This is not possible using the default dupliverts. When I rescale the base structure (the quads) duplis also folow stretching until I apply (CTRL+A) scale. It seems, the plugin takes advantages of this.
BTW, yeah I’m testing the same version of DupliFaces addon. Still missing something, I can’t handle it.

the component mesh coordinates in x and y will be reproduced in faces UV, considering both x and y going from 0 to 1;

I really don’t know what this means. So sorry LOL
Here’s a typical dupliverts application.

make it so:
22 line:
def lerp2(v1, v2, v3, v4, v, w,l):
v12 = v1 + (v2-v1)*v.x/w+((v2-v1)/2)
v43 = v4 + (v3-v4)*v.x/w+((v3-v4)/2)
return v12 + (v43-v12)*v.y/l + ((v43-v12)/2)

def lerp3(v1, v2, v3, v4, v, w,l,h):
loc = lerp2(,,,, v, w,l)
nor = lerp2(v1.normal, v2.normal, v3.normal, v4.normal, v, w,l)
return loc + norv.zh

77 line:
new_verts.append(lerp3(vs[0], vs[1], vs[2], vs[last],, width_box, length_box, higth_koef))

@ michalis,
The object you create is 1x1, 0 refers to the orgin in the corner of it :slight_smile:
Great result with duplivert
@ Cfyzzz,
thanks for the link, I must have missed that one :confused:
Will check it out :slight_smile:


noww this functionality implemented to Sverchok. Use it from github

there is messsage with less then 10 characters

That’s so awesome ^^
Especially great to hear about Sverchok implementation)