Adaptive/Real-time walking animation

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I want to recreate this walking system, is it possible in Blender to? If so, would it be useful to make an addon out of it, if, how?

I am actually working on one that I created first a long time ago in Maya using MEL scripting language. It is possible, in Blender it is tricky though. My method uses math functions to control the walks of characters, Biped, Quadruped, Centaur, Bird, Spider. I was almost there and decided that I wanted to change the class layout for it, so characters could be built piecemeal using classes like, Leg, Arm, Head, Back, etc. The build that I have on Github is not segmented like that, it is all one class. As I said, it is not complete, some of the characters can walk and run, but the coding is uncomplete, and I do not intend to post the code for the new build until I can prove to myself that it is viable with all the classes split up. That may sound kind of funny, but it can be pretty tricking getting the actions to work the way you want them to. The build on Github uses a clock-like function that governs the movements of the characters. The new code will used specific functions for each character part, and I am hoping that I will be able to incorporate sliders into it as controls. Anyway, if you want to check out the old version, which as I said is not complete (but has a considerable part working) it is on my Github site here There is only one file, you paste it into the text editor, run it, then go to the 3D view, press ā€œnā€, the panel comes up with the characters and actions. The reason I am splitting the class is because I think that it will make the code much more manageable, and it will look less like spaghetti code, ha ha. This code is roughly 3,500 lines of code, I am suspecting with the new class structure it will come in at about 2000 lines of code.

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