Adaptive snapping increments (zoom-dependent) gone in 2.8?

(Zsolt) #1

One useful feature in 2.7x Blender is the zoom-dependent (adaptive) grid in the viewport. Zooming in always produced a new one tenth subdivision in the grid. And the snap to grid also snapped to the proper increments in top/side/front views. So I could zoom in and model with millimeter-precision snapping, and then zoom out and position the objects with 1 meter-precision.

Now this seems to be gone in 2.8. It always uses the same snapping increments that are defined under scene properties.

What happened here? Or am I simply missing something?

(captainkirk) #2

Recently units were changed to be constant, which is handy for some things, but in cases like this it’s a problem. Hopefully it’s fixed soon.

(burnin) #3

I think it’s a change in the grid system. Is also only infinite in 3D.


I need this feature in Blender again! :+1:

(oris) #5

Revit also operates in a similar way.
I hope it will be brought back.

(Zsolt) #6

Yes, it’s not the units, it’s the grid system in the viewport.

As users we can only guess. It would be great if a developer could give his take! @hypersomniac : I’m not sure if you’re the right person to ask, but do you know whether this feature is coming back?