Adaptive subdivision in 3.3?

Does anyone know how to use adaptive subdivision in Blender 3.3? No matter what feature set I use in the renderer, it doesn’t show up as a possibility in the subD modifier.

In the render properties tab choose Cycles (does not work in Eevee) and also choose “Experimental” in the feature set options (underneath render engine).
Yes after all these years still experimental!

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Thanks! It’s been about three years since I’ve used it, and it just didn’t occur to me that it was experimental still. What is this, Unity? :wink:

Yes it has been experimental over 4 years, you may need a few cups of tea before it gets in for good. :rofl:
I think they were never happy about its memory performance.

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Yes it is funny, because it should be better than normal one, rendering-wise… Yet, it always crashed on me so I usually go with the regular catmull clark :person_shrugging: