Adavance Minimap

Hi guys,

I’ve made a simple minimap, with render to texture with an overlay scene, but now I’m wondering how to make more davanced. Something like in bf3. The ground blue, the player being only a triangle and houses white, instead of simply the scene being rendered 1:1 from the top.

-No idea?-

I tried something like this once a few years ago, it’s basically the same principle (scene overlay), having an exact copy of the scene of the game viewed from the top and parented to your character. Except in the overlay scene you replace your character model with an arrow (do not alter any dynamics) change the houses into white and texture the ground blue, enemies red etc it’s very easy and you pretty much already figured it out

i have a pretty advanced minimap, and i didn’t use scene overlay at all, i just made an arrow above the player, and added another camera with this script

from Rasterizer import*
import GameLogic as g
o = g.getCurrentController().owner

y1=getWindowHeight()- getWindowHeight()/3


o.setViewport(int(x1) ,int(y1)r, int(x2), int(y2))

then make an always sensor, and a python controller linking to this script

I use a similar system.

Is there any way to manage viewport transparency ?

Not from what i have know of, if you are using the setViewPort() method.
But the test that i used to change the transparency was by using the render to texture method. i changed the Z-transparency of the object.