Add a callback on a specific action keyframe

Hi everyone, I’m new with BGE, and I would like to call a function on specific frame of an animation. Is this possible in the action editor or something like that?.
The intention is to chage a game property when specific keyframe is played and don’t want to check hardcoded frameprop values and couldn’t find a way to animate game properties.Of course other solutions will be accepted .

Thanks and sorry for my english.

What is the difference? In both cases you would hard-code logic to a specific frame number.

The easiest way is to play the animation with an action actuator. Let the actuator output the current frame into a property. Then you can evaluate the property value (property sensor).

Yes you’re right and is what i’m doing, but i think that keyframing game properties is a clean and elegant way to avoid the use of logic bricks that sometimes makes difficult follow some of my game logic.
Thanks Monster.