add a circle without rotating

How can I add a circle on the front side without rotating the circle on the x-axis.
I want to see the circle in front view.

User preferences --> Edit methods --> click the aligned to view button.

If I understand what you mean…

What you need to do is go to bottom of the toolbar along the top of the screen (put your cursor on the line separating it from the 3D view so that it turns into a double arrow). Click and hold the RMB and drag it down until you can see the panel hidden there (you can always put it back when you’re done!).

Click the button marked “Edit Methods”…it should be the second button. After you click this, above it to the left you should see a button marked “Aligned to View”. Click that button and that should solve your problem!

I had the same issue, as this was added in a later version of Blender and I hadn’t realized it!

Thanks this works

User preferences --> Edit methods --> click the aligned to view button.

In the User Preferences Window (pull down the header at the top of the screen) in the Edit Methods buttons, there is a button called (Add new objects: ) Aligned to View. This will let you add a circle in front view, and it will be aligned to that view (ie: look like a circle.)

If you are just going to model, no problems. However, if you decide to animate, adding objects aligned to view also aligns the object’s axes to view, which can cause problems (fixable problems, but extra work.)