Add a counter to my animation?


i have created an animated coin which is rotating 360 . I have a podest which is not animated. I want to make a text on that podest which is automatically counted. The roration have 100 frames. Now i need a workflow or something that every 100 frames the textcounter increases by 1. It is for an nft project. I dont want to render 1000 times. is there out something how can i handle this?

you could use geometry nodes for this task.

with this node setup:

you will get:

simple counter

add this to your input field in geonodes:


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wow thats nice thx…how is the workflows than… when i want 10 animations with 10 numbers i have to make 10x100 frames so it renders 1000 frames. and then how can i get them out? Did i have to cut every 100 frames with video editing or can blender make every 100 frames a new file…and at frame 101 with the new number create a new file and so on?

you could e.g. render the text one time and then just “add” the text to your render with compositing.

hi, thx for your reply…
i have now make my animation. and than render the text which increase the number. now i am using video editing. and i dont know how the workflow is now.
i put in 100 times my animation and add the counter? but how did blender know that he have to make a new file each 100 frames?
for now i will have one big animation.

yes i have just checked out. and than have make a batch file that it render from frame 1-100 and so on…is this the right workflow? when i make 5000 of it will be massiv work


did someone know how to add in the geometry node setup that my counter starts with 001 and increase each frame to 002 003…010 and so on?

Something like this…>

v1.0 Checks for 9 and 99…

Hope that helps.