Add a drawing mode as a possible extension to sculpt mode?

NOTE: this isn’t what the retopo tool does

I posted this because I came up with a great idea and this could be used as an extension to sculpt mode.

Drawing lines or gestures to add or modify geometry. For example.

-Draw a figure that goes out from a mesh object and then new geometry is created based on how far it is from the center line.
-Drawing shapes and extruding them with only a drag of the mouse and then using a gesture to blend it into where it came out.
-Selecting faces then draw a line and hit E, as a result you get an extrude on that line.
-Draw a 3D looking extension like a box topped with a pyramid, when a key is pressed it’s converted to 3D.
-Drawing a box or circle then press a key to make a hole in that shape.
-Gestures to smooth and weld geometry together.
-Drawing reverse shapes and making an indent in that shape in the mesh.

What i’m saying is, we combine the draw functions of sketch up with the drawing capabilities of that TEDDY program and our own ideas and use it to extend sculpt mode we could have an extremely powerful tool.

So what do you think?

sounds like something joeri will know how to answer/evaluate. If you give concrete examples with before and after images, people will see what you mean and how it would be helpful, and maybe someone will get inspired.