add a face with circles cut out

heya everyone
i’m pretty new to blender so please be gentle lol
i cut hole out of a hollow egg shape using boolean modifier (not the best way i’m sure but i’m new)
somehow i deleted faces on inside around holes
is there a good wAy to put faces back or should i put in a face and cut holes in it somehow?’

thanks in advancd


somehow i deleted faces on inside around holes
Explain what this means clearly with screenshots and example blend file.

Without us having to sue our imagination, show what you have, what is it you don’t want and what it is you do want.

this is a pic of the face I want to close but leave the holes
hope it helps

Select both hole edge rings and W - Bridge.

sorry does this help explain what I mean?

gday eppo cheersnheap i tried to bridge and ig went haywire heres a b4 n after

any ideas where i messed up?

cheers eppo worked out what you meant sorry for repostting Richard

Had not a picture with one face and two rings in mind… Crystal ball needs polishing, lol. I did mean you have rings on opposite sides of object, no faces lost around rings.

As it looks in image i’d suggest redo with less amount of vertices for rings. Significantly less. 8 would be fine, 12 at max.