Add a new render option: GLSL

Hi everybody!

I’m making a long animation in Blender, just I though that could be a good idea to add
a new render engine called: GLSL.

Think about it, Now by default we have two render engines:
- Blender Internal.
- Yafray

But, It would be great if we have a third render engine called GLSL, where the frames were rendered using the internal “GLSL materials” mode of the Blender Game Engine. It would be very fast, Wouldn’t it?

Now, I don’t know the internals of Blender, How much time/effort would take implement this feature?

I’ve asked for this some time ago and I think there’s an entry on the feature request site.

Would be a nice feature for previz/early project development – you could make a nice edit in the Sequencer that renders fast and looks decent.

(Yes, I know about the CTRL-clicking on the icon in the viewport)