Add a new scene via full copy problem in the VSE

I’m happily using 2.57 on a 32bit linux system but when I create a new scene by copying an existing one (so as to preserve video format settings, start/end titles, and the overall project structure & materials etc) and remove existing video/audio strips to add new ones, interestingly enough, the audio from the deleted strips can be heard during realtime playback! At first I thought it was just me but I have retested this with new blend files using both the same and different video files and the problem is recurrent.

Now the million $ question: feature or bug? :wink:
If it’s a feature, what is its purpose? Furthermore, how does one de-activate it?

Can anyone confirm this?
If not, I should file a bug because it’s too darn sneaky.

Are there any other scene windows open? Could they be playing in sync, in the background? I have copied scenes before too, but not had any left over strips.

3point what is amazing is that the strips are deleted, so there’s nothing in the VSE for a given scene, and still when playing back I get the audio (but not the video) of the audio strip that was there! Kinda weird to say the least.
It looks like it’s linking the strip and data when cloning a scene but it’s only removing the strip (so it’s not visible anymore) and not its data.
I should have mentioned that I’m cloning scenes within the same blend file and not linking scenes and scene data across files.

I’m currently bypassing it by creating a blank scene but it’s highly inconvenient because I cannot copy project settings so it takes 5 or more minutes to reset the scene.
Will continue testing until I put my finger on it.

BA is being somewhat unresponsive. Double post.

Your suggestion gave me an idea and it looks like it’s in the right direction .
More specifcially, when I’m in the new scene and try to play back anything there it appears to play back the strips from the original scene! I switched scenes and discovered that the playhead was moving forward as if I was actually in the former scene -except that I wasn’t!
Cool! I didn’t even know it was possible!
So does anyone know why this is happening and how it can be disabled?

There used to be a scene sync button for each window. Try looking in the timeline view menu for the windows to sync on playback.

Didn’t even know there was such an option.
The only relevant menu in the timeline window is the playback menu with the “Sequence Editors” option. The tooltip says “play sequence editors”. Checking the box does not make any difference and it still plays copied video clips even though they are deleted.

Thinki8ng out loud here: Blender had a bug squashed recently where audio clips were not copied correctly and would go mute. Could it be a stray copy being held by Blender? BTW the audio is available throughout the program so you can do lip sync when animating a character (and not using the VSE directly).

I restored the factory settings to give it a new go using a clean slate and, unfortunately, I get the same “error”: it appears that pressing alt+a plays back the strips in the original scene as well as in the current one -even though there are none! :wink:
The playhead moves in both scenes at the same time and the funny thing is that Blender is also mixing the audio strips! :slight_smile:
Btw, this happens with both SDL and OpenAL and with all the video formats I’ve tried so I’m very convinced that there’s something wrong here.
Unless someone has a better suggestion on how to disable/control this feature, I’m filling a bug.

Blender can play multiple scenes at once if you add the scene strip on the timeline of another scene. But I don’t know why it should do that without links to the media. If you post a bug you may need supply an example file with some small audio files embedded.

Thanx 3point, will file a bug report.