Add a simple rig to my model?

Would it be possibly for someone to add a simple rig to my chibi model. I’d like to experiment in unity or something similar but don’t have the rigging skills to do so. If someone could make me a simple rig then i’d very much appreciate it! (1.06 MB)

Unfortunately I don’t yet have those skills either but I thought I might point out that his right hand is backwards (thumb is on the wrong side). Best of luck!

I guess I can help you out. Allthough I´d like to understand a little bit better how the character is supposed to move: For instance, the thumb is pointing backwards. Is that a mistake or a feature? How about the hands, do you want to rig the fingers?

I’d like the fingers to be rigged yes! Re-guarding the hand i simply duplicated it and placed it the wrong way, it’s supposed to be the mirror of the other hand (my bad). How it moves i’m not sure, i just want it to be able to walk suitable and such like a game character would! Hopefully this makes sense!

Ok:-) I hope it works. Good luck

Thanks it’s brilliant! really well done! Only problem i have is some of my textures are now showing up wrong on the model (i think it’s with the joining of the body parts). Will i just have to redo them?

I actually made some changes on the mesh. I think it might be better to apply the textures again:-)