Add-A-Thing: Alien Evolution - one hour contributions

Hello all,

while you are discussing the theme for the next BGMC, I thought you might have fun with a different sort of contest.

I call it

It starts with Josip Kladaric’s Red Little Alien v0.3.

The idea is following:
Everybody has 1 hour to modify the latest version of the alien. You can add things. You can modify existing content. You can even remove things (Who said evolution is fair ;)). Do not be afraid to touch what your predecessor did - even my stuff [except the history].

I’m really curious about what will happen and if it even works :D.

[Edit:] to discuss any non-rule and non-announcement things please use the comments and discussion thread.

The rules might look a bit complicated, but this is mainly to avoid conflicts. Ideally there is none, or exactly one member working at a contribution. Please post any questions regarding the rules in the rules discussion thread.

Evolution rules:

  • Announcement:

  • Make an announcement post in this thread with the content “I am next!”

  • This appends you to the announcement queue.

  • Please do this even if there was no update since a while. There is no guaranty someone is doing exactly the same while you are reading.

  • You can withdraw your announcement by editing your post with “cancelled” - e.g. when you know you will not have time.

  • Your announcement automatically expires when it is your turn and you do not start your contribution within one hour. So please check regularly even for cancelled announcements.

  • You can contribute when

  • there is no announcement before your’s and

  • the latest contribution is done (stated in the post) or

  • the latest contribution is expired (no zip after one hour since post date).

  • there is one announcement before your’s and

  • there is no contribution post from this member within an hour.

  • there are more than one announcement before your’s and

  • wait one hour (for the next candidate) and 10 minutes for each further announcement


  • Contribution Add a new post with the content “Started mutation on post #<post number where you get the zip from>”>

  • Grab the zip file from the pre-post (or if the time exceeded from the pre-pre-post).

  • Your time starts with the posting time.

  • You can edit your contribution as long as you did not published the zip file.

  • You have exactly one hour to complete your contribution. Otherwise another one can start with a previous contribution which will not include your one. (You can publish it anyway).

  • You complete your contribution by editing your post with at least:

  • the zip file

  • a screenshot

  • a copy and paste of your history entry (can be reformatted)


Things to do when contributing:

  • unzip the files to a new folder
  • open the blend file
  • run the blend to see if and how it works
  • add a new entry to in the form ["<your name>", ‘’’<your modifications>’’’],
  • make changes to the file(s)
  • update your history entry
  • make all paths relative
  • run the blend to see if and how it works
  • zip the modified files (ensure to skip the backup files .blend1/.blend2)
  • make at least one screenshot to document what you changed (do not include it into the zip file)

Examples you can do:

  • Add animations
  • Add objects as part of the alien (e.g. foot sensor, hat, helmet, clothes)
  • Add gadgets to be used by the alien (e.g an flying saucer, robot arm)
  • Add terrain
  • Add environment objects (e.g. stones, ship wrack, banana)
  • Add skybox/dome/sphere or a starbox
  • Add an HUD (menu, live bar, oxygen circle)
  • Add controls (e.g for joystick, TV remote control ;))
  • Add an inventory (e.g. a sci-fi crate, flying barrel)
  • Add telekinetic power

I will remove expired and completed announcement on a regular bases [yes! I’m a moderator :D]. - edit: better not as that would change the visible post numbers.
Please post any questions regarding the rules in the rules discussion thread.

I am next!

  • renamed the “Hemi*” lights to show what colors they deliver.
  • renamed LittleRedAlien to to provide a suffix naming
  • created group LittleRedAlien that includes
  • Renamed scene “Scene” to “Showroom”
  • increased the shadow/Quality/size from 512 to 2048
  • added the aaa_* files for documentation purposes (aaa to let them apear on top of the list)
  • enabled Name on
  • added History.print
  • added folder textures with the texture files
  • added folder “python” and added “”
  • added and linked “LinkedPythonFolder.blend”. To place the folder “python” into the python search path. You can place your python files into this folder.

Contribution completed. The next one can start.

Attachments (498 KB)

I am next!
Starting now

ok I am done :smiley:


  • ‘added armature and rigging’
  • ‘added idle pose’
  • ‘added walk animation’
  • ‘added hitbox’
    ‘added walk logic’

actually only used 35 minutes but I am tired and I work fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Attachments (502 KB)


What are the empties for?
Please add an screen shot to show some of the modifications :D. edit: thank you

I am next!

finished mutation on post #5


  • fixed the last history entry to enable history printing again.
  • renamed actuators to reflect the actions they are playing
  • renamed sensors to reflect what they are detecting
  • removed the second keyboard sensor as it is a replica of the first one.
  • renamed “HitBox” to “LittleRedAlien.hitbox” (object and mesh)
  • renamed “Armature” to “LittleRedAlien.armature” (object and armature)

I did not renamed the bones. I leave this to somebody who knows English better than I do :P.

Hint: copy an history entry. So you get the proposed form

['name', '''description'''], 

The history will be printed to console when starting the game (since post #3)

I will add some consolidation contribution from time to time to fix names. It would be nice if you look at tat right from the beginning.


Alien (500 KB)

the empties are to animate the antenna, but I forgot to add dampening and always run------armature

I will have to screenshot tommarrow, as I shut my workstation down for the night.

it is 1:45 am here :stuck_out_tongue:

I am next.

you forgot to add your contribution post :).

I had not started yet.I thought i had to wait for blueprintrandom to finish.But i was not thinking.

No you can just start as he published his zip. For further changes he as to announce a new contribution first. Post#9 are answers to my questions from post#6.

‘lostscience’, ‘’’

  • added box
  • added python script in blend i found on the
  • added controls to LittleRedAlien
  • control are w to move forwards,a to rotate clockwise,
    d to rotate counter clockwise,space to jump
  • enlarged the groundplane
  • added moving platform to get on
  • added non moving platform to get on
  • added texture to groundplane
  • move in front of the box .then press g to grab box and then r to release box
    ounce you find it
    -Added a empty
    hint,you have to jump on platforms to find it


Alien Evolution (2).zip (1.85 MB)

Sounds cool. Would you add a screenshot with the update? thx

I am next

Done - Just a clean up

-‘Fixed character animaitons length’,
-‘Fixed character movement speed’
-‘added raycheck back to make sure your on ground to jump’
-‘used same raycheck to ensure your on the ground to move’
-‘added air movement as a seperate motion’
-‘deleted Cube.001 as it was throwing errors’
-‘replaced DLoc with LinV’

forgot to add - ‘Deleted doubles of sensors’
forgot to add in air motion actuators and logic

Attachments (1.84 MB)

This is fun.I am next.I am going correct the console error and put the box back in.Plus other things.
Blueprintrandom last contribution is unplayable.Because you cannot jump on the moving platforms.Unless it was his intention.

just up the linV?

I removed set loc +z because that is not jumping
its teleporting

just set it a bit higher?

It is saying my message is to short when it is not.