Add-A-Thing: Alien Evolution - rules discussion

Please post any questions and remarks towards the rules of Add-A-Thing: Alien Evolution in this thread.

This allows to focus the contribution thread to focus on the timing.

Can we add another scene?Other peolpe as well as myself will want to.How would i add another red little alien that has the armature and animations to the blend?I want to make a smaller version that will follow the player around.When the players on the ground.

other scene? sure

This is totally up to you :cool:. You can make a copy. You can create a group. You can even create another blend, with assets that are linked or libloaded.

Could you assign someone to decrease the megs of the last zip?While still keeping the content.

Part of the evolution is, that after a certain size, you can’t post the zip anymore. Therefore you need to care such things latest when you hit the limits.

I do not want to “assign” someone. I prefer that anyone who thinks he can improve (e.g. shrink the size) would do that. I will insert consolidation phases too. This includes reviewing the names, structure, size … Please do not rely on me, as I would do it “my way” :D.