Add a Thing - outdoor environment

Hi All!
This is the community project

“Add a thing - outdoor environment”

The purpose is to collect items for a cool looking template file usable for tutorials (inkl. video tutorials).
Here we collect outdoor items :).

New project page incl. thumnails and credits!

What can you do?


It does not need to be complex, even small things will do it.

I suggest to start with simple things, like rocks, poles, walls, stones, plants, fruits, grass, wood, clouds …
Also one or more grounds (floors) would be nice.
How about a skybox (keep an eye at the texture size)?
or changing the background color?


  • Keep it as small (memory) as posssible. There is a size restriction at BA!

  • Name all objects, meshes, materials and groups with meaningful names

  • Currently there is one Demo scene “_Outdoor” only, others might follow

  • Do not add directly to the demo scene, make a group (at your own scene) add a group instance (easier for a later linking)

  • [Edit] It is a 2.49b file and should for this test remain 2.49b.

  • [Edit] Please no GLSL - it is not supported by everyone (incl. me)

  • [Edit] Scale 1BU = 1 meter. A human character would be 1.6-1.8 BUs :wink:
    How to contribute:

  • Download the latest OutdoorItems_***.blend

  • Add a new scene “by yourname” (if not already present)

  • Add your objects to this scene

  • Create new (meaningful) groups

  • Add your objects to the groups

  • Add one or more group instances to the
    demo scene _Outdoor

  • Add your name to the credits in the file
    How to post:

  • Go to “Add a Thing - outdoor environment” thread

  • Add a post anouncing that you add a new version (do not attach the file now!).

  • with that you “lock” the file from the previous poster

  • you have one hour to proceed:

  • Check the post above yours for it’s attached file.

  • If there is no attachement after one hour from anouncing, you can proceed with the latest attachement you can find

  • If the file is the file you already used:

  • Increase the filenames number by one

  • Edit your post and attach the file (do not add a new post!)

  • If it is not the one you already used:

  • Download the file

  • Increase the filenames number by one

  • Append your scene by appending <shift><F1> from your prepared file - the group information gets lost :frowning: !

  • Two options: readd the group manually OR remove the objects and append the group from your file

  • Add one or more group instances to the
    demo scene _Outdoor

  • Add your name to the credits in the file

  • Edit your post and attach the file (do not add a new post!)

[/LIST]I’m curious what we get ;).

Here is a video that shows (the long way) how to contribute when someone else posted before you were done.

Following my own rules:

I announce a rubberBall and a green floor (I suggest to replace it with something better :wink: ).


OutdoorItems_001.blend (156 KB)

great idea:ba:
I added a Pokeball
edit:OutdoorItems_003.blend (70.2 KB)
2.49 version

Ok I continue, with

… an old fence

no one else with an update … I can go the easy route ;).


OutdoorItems_002.blend (168 KB)

I added a video to the first post. It shows how to merge your models to an modified file.

[Edit] … removed, as not valid anymore … Nice Pokeball [/Edit]

Also the file size was growing a lot. I’m not sure how we can deal with larger texture sizes. Maybe as separate textures?

Good idea. Does the prop/item need to be static or can it have animation/scripting attached to it?

Would it help to set a limit for the texture sizes in the .blend and then have a .rar or online photo album where people can upload high res. versions of textures for those that want them?

Wow, Josip, the file is quite small now :smiley: and 2.49 :yes:.

@battery, for this first thread I think it can be anything. You can animate if you want. I suggest not to add to much logic.
The theme is outdoor.
The style is freestyle.

It should be a blend, otherwise you can’t attach it to the post. Just for now, one-file-solutions please.
This thread is also a prototype to see what problems we might discover with such restrictions. As you see the rules are quite a lot, which shouldn’t be that difficult. Merging the different files, might be an issue. That’s why I produced this video. Does anyone know a better way? Maybe someone from a team project?

In a second step we can do a thread that allows multiple files.


OutdoorItems_004.blend (243 KB)

…when I saved, it becomes big. I wonder why… using 2.49b. :spin:
adding a wood bench.

Select File>Compress File before saving.

Nice bench :smiley:

But somehow, Josip’s texture isn’t shown up anymore :confused:

Thats in solid mode. Forgot to re-enable the texture mode. Sorry.

  • “Hantu Pocong” is one of the well known ghost in South East Asia. Moving by jumping around. Google for more info…
  • Fixed the enable texture mode.
  • Save compressed.


OutdoorItems_005.blend (97.5 KB)

The ghost can play with the yellow ball :smiley:

Glad to see Monsters idea in action:D

  • Add grave
  • Add Hemi light power .5
  • Mod Shadow buffer 512
  • Fixed my “scene” section

Can anyone verify, can it run on multitexture mode?


OutdoorItems_006.blend (145 KB)

Ghosts and graves… interesting ;).

@ mziskandar, for multitexture mode you would need to do a bit more:

  • take grave and pocong in edit mode and assign the texture via UV/editor (additional to the material texture).
  • the pocong texture is there twice. I think only one is need.
  • the grave needs texture face disabled ( I have no clue what that means for GLSL mode)

I have no idea why pocong is shadeless :frowning:


i plan to try to add something solid to this effort as well in time, but in the meantime…
perhaps this could even be evolved into a blender based ‘scribblenauts’ game?

was just watching Good Game on tv last night, and the idea started to develop…

Announcing: the pole fences from the video


  • PoleFence.mid, PoleFence.end


  • rubberball
    – placed at 0,0,0 for a better group placement
    – decrease softbody margin

  • Floor - subdivided for better lighting

  • modified the _Outdoorscene a bit (Pocong can play with the ball now :wink: )

@MZIskandar I hope you can forgive me. I

  • removed the additional Pocong texture as it is not used,
  • applied the graves texture in UV mode and switched off TextFace in material settings - to make it visible in multitexture
  • applied the Pocong texture, set the faces to light and add - that makes Pocong a bit more ghosty

Please check in GLSL mode if it is still as expected.


OutdoorItems_007.blend (155 KB)

I made a few new objects. There are big changes, some of them may be too much.
Here’s a screenshot.
So Monster, is this too much?
OutdoorItems_008.blend (176 KB)

very nice :smiley:

Monster, I think you should always put the latest update in the first post so we don’t have to search. Can you please do that?
And one other thing. I am planing to make a little helicopter (chopper) so we can fly around. Is it ok to make things like that, i mean scripts ?

Could patch be used instead to keep the file updated? Or maybe just create an SVN project, community adds their objects to their own blend files in their own directory, and then update a Main.blend file in the root directory?