Add-A-Thing: Sci-Fi Doors prototype


Just a presentation of the latest prototype

As the other Add-A-Thing threads this one is planed to take things contributed by the community. If you remember OutdoorItems the result was a pretty cool Island with a lot of things on it.

With Sci-Fi doors I want to go a more restricted but much easier way.

The contributor will be able to add and publish it’s own set of doors. The Add-A-Thing presentation layer will provide a complete set of tools to present the doors in an adventure style (point&click).

Adding new door models will be really easy. Even a beginner will be able to create a full working door within a few minutes. New doors can be simple or complex. There will be templates and tutorials showing how to add them.

Currently the presentation layer is not completed.
Already working:

  • the character ManCandy including a personal opener switch
  • a door logic framework
  • custom cursor
  • mouse and keyboard control
  • movable 3rd person camera with obstacle avoidance
  • intro scene

in work:

  • file switching to distributor’s presentation files


  • a display with information regarding the current door
  • rating panel to rate the current door
  • a method to distribute rating information via


  • summary scene showing information regarding all available doors
  • seamless scene switching to other rooms
  • door directory to select the next presented door
  • labyrinth game using all distributed doors
  • in-game intro sequence

external distribution
If anyone want to provide help, these are things needed:

  • an improved opener model e.g. the contour of ManCandy’s hand
  • an improved custom Mouse cursor (Sci-Fi Style) for pointing
  • sound effects (steps, opener activation, opener status change)
  • background music indoor
  • background music intro (starfield with scrolling text a la star wars)

Top stuff as usual, Monster! Reminds me of the holographic interface in Dead Space.

Thanks Rubbernuke

I thought it would be cool to give it a Sci-Fi environment.

I love this, the point and move is great, many dont like it, But it will always have a place in my heart in sci-fi, or classic rpg games. :slight_smile:
Ill try to contribute but the results might not be so great.

also, the camera avoids obsticles, thats awesome work man.

really great!! I love it

that dude has an arse and a half! i love it, has a great potential! :cool:

This is kinda off-point, but I can’t recall that I’ve ever played a game with that over-the-shoulder + point-and-click mix of control. It looks really enjoyable!