Add / allow zoom for chrome mobile?

Hi gents

Looks like on iOS chrome this site does not allow overwriting the scale / Zoom making this new design rather hard to read.

In safari you can zoom via pinching your fingers.

Can you please test if this happens in ‘safe mode’ too?

To leave safe mode, just close the tab.

Yes same issue

Which device are you using?

12.9" iPadPro 2nd gen current iOS

I’ve reported it to the Discourse team, will let you know what they say:

thank you

Discourse replied:

We don’t support alternative browsers on iOS or Android. Only the official browser is supported.

Also, if chrome is not allowing zoom, that is on them not us, as Safari does in the same scenario.

I tested “” and also there on chrome iOS it does not zoom.
Furthermore Firefox offers no zoom and Puffin does zoom.

But on different websites they all zoom which is why I feel Discourse makes an odd statement here.