Add an image to hologram object (how to add image texture to other nodes effects?)

I have an object that I transformed to hologram in the nodes editor and now I also would like to add an image texture to it. Is it possible?

It is possible :slight_smile: You should be able to just add another Mix Shader and use your Image Texture BSDF to combine the texture with your other surface tree. Alternatively, you could put that Image Texture Output into the TransparentBSDF input. There are honestly a few different ways and they should all work in one way or another. If I have time later I can try recreating your node tree and see which method works best.

I tried both variants , but they don’t work . The object just becomes darker…

I’m going to go into Blender and figure this out- I can’t leave you with bad advice like that. Is it all right if I do it tomorrow? I’m a bit tired right now but I can experiment later :slight_smile:

do you have a picture of the kind of texture you want?

an example of picture I would like to put. I am making hologram following this tutorial

ok but when you say that you want to add an image texture to it, what exactly do you mean, where on the object do you want to add a texture, how is it supposed to be displayed?