add audio

I have searched similar 3ds on this forums but I can’t get it to work. For sure I’m missing something but don’t know what…

I have rendered a 15 sec animation (actually in avi) and want to add a sound clip of the same length. Is it possible to do this in Blender ? I’m using Mac Os X 10.4 and Blender 2.46.

So far I’ve tried this:

  1. Open the .avi file under the VSE
  2. Add the.wav file in the VSE
  3. In the Render buttons choose Do Sequence
  4. Choose the FFMPEG encoder
  5. Step 4 pops up some audio settings, choose Multiplex audio
  6. Render animation

But this doesn’t absolutely work :no:. Please point me in the right direction. Thanks.


Here’s how I added audio to a video:

An example of “mencoder” is shown at the bottom of the page.

so basically I need to do this outside Blender with mencoder ? no way to do this directly in Blender ?

Ok, I solved it.
I report how I did just in case someone needs this info. Basically is how Thangalin suggested.

  1. I rendered my animation as avi
  2. In a new Blender project I loaded the AVI file and an MP3 file in the VSE
  3. I lined them up
  4. In the audio options I choose mixdown and obtained a WAV file
  5. Using FFMPEGX I encoded the video to DIVX adding the AVI and WAV files

searching the forums for audio related problems and solutions, I’ve ran into the exact same f***ing problem. No matter what settings I use, what way I export/import/mixodwn codec I choose, the bloody thing just won’t render or join animation with audio. I got so desperate I tried windows moviemaker. WINDOWS!! moviemaker. you can’t mix or change the size of the movie or whatever… Just soooo goddamn pissed off now.
The animation with lipsync took only about 6 hours tops to get right. trying to render it has taken more than 2 frigging days now!!! on multiple windows and linux version fer crying out loud!!!
It’s not just blender that goes berserk lately, it’s pretty much every damn thing… goddamn, why can’t shit, not just software, just work as it’s supposed to? why do you always have to fight and possibly break stuff to get some f***ing results…

Just do your animation in Blender and mix the audio together in virtual dub. You can still preview your audio and do all your synch in Blender, but on Windows I have yet to successfully render a sound track out using any file format. I am not going to go into it here, but I have detailed my experimentations with audio and blender in another thread.

I’ll search for the post then, but since both windows and linux so far didn’t work for me, I’m gonna continu this on linux.

EDITbefore even posting… looking at the rendered vids while I was about to test something (moving the audio strip above the movie strip) it seems that something somehow DID get rendered with audio… I didn’t bother to clean up the audio beforehand, but I’m so bloody fedup with trying what the hell it was that I’ll just plug it on youtube as is… how I’m looking forward to the holidays…

shameless plug
lipsync seems pretty allright, too bad I let him do so many wacky moves it’s hard to actually see most of it.

I find that the rendered movies with sound do work straight from Blender…but only when I play those films on Linux. On Windows players I believe they are silent, which is a real pain because I use Linux here at home but with the intention of getting my videos out for jobseeking.

wow so wait a miniute lancer your saying that the audio works fine in linux? thats weird is it just like a different program that you watch the vids on or what?