Add BPY to standalone.exe used in upbge - eevee_merge8

Hello, I recently acquired funding to try and help the fork upbge - branch - eevee_merge8

-first step is to get BPY running in standalone mode -

currently BPY is used in the viewport in game to interact with meshes / shaders / particles etc.
in standalone.exe is missing.

we need to add bpy to standalone and have it function just as it does inside the embedded bge player
(P button)

I will be accepting bids.

a second option is so that standalone.exe is replaced by blender.exe itself,
however clicking ‘standalone’ fires up a new instance of blender -> opens the game -> sets window resolution / fullscreen etc.

the end goal is to link this up to “export game addons” by Moguri from blender 2.79
and export standalone blender 2.8 upbge games

Please check PM.
Anna J

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