Add Cap to Mouslook script 2.49

Here is my mouselook script (2.49). How would I go about adding a “Cap” to the script, so that its verticle axis is constrained?

import Rasterizer

import Rasterizer

get controller

controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()

get the object this script is attached to

player = controller.getOwner()

Get sensor named Mouse

mouse = controller.getSensor(“Mouse”)

Get the actuators

lookLeftRight = controller.getActuator(“LookLeftRight”)
lookUpDown = controller.getActuator(“LookUpDown”)

get width and height of game window

width = Rasterizer.getWindowWidth()
height = Rasterizer.getWindowHeight()

define mouse movement function

def mouseMove():

# distance moved from screen center      
x = width/2 - mouse.getXPosition()
y = height/2 - mouse.getYPosition()
# intialize mouse so it doesn't jerk first time
if hasattr(player, 'mouseInit') == False:
    x = 0
    y = 0
    # bug in Add Property
    # can't use True.  Have to use 1
    player.mouseInit = 1
# return mouse movement
return (x, y)

get mouse movement from function

move = mouseMove()

set mouse sensitivity

sensitivity = 0.0005

Amount, direction and sensitivity

leftRight = move[0] * sensitivity
upDown = move[1] * sensitivity

set the values

lookLeftRight.setDRot( 0.0, 0.0, leftRight, False)
lookUpDown.setDRot( upDown, 0.0, 0.0, True)

Use them

GameLogic.addActiveActuator(lookLeftRight, True)
GameLogic.addActiveActuator(lookUpDown, True)

Center mouse in game window

Rasterizer.setMousePosition(width/2, height/2)

i had a similar problem the other day and solved it this way:

x_rot = bge.getCurrentController().owner.localOrientation.to_euler()[0]/(math.pi/2)*90

no idea if this works in 2.49 since they chanced the api (which might have been before 2.49?) but in 2.6. x_rot gives you the rotation around the local x-axis which youd be able to constrain between 90 and -90. then again, theres the constraint actuator that ive never used before but maybe that does the trick…

Use a ContraintActuator in orientation mode.

The above code just set the parameter of the motion actuator. It does not care the current orientation of the object.

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