Add connected bones to all edges of an object?

I’m currently working on an animated flag, I want to export to the source engine. Unfortunately does the engine version I’m working for not support non-skeletal animation

The mesh (a subdivided plane) has baked vertex-animation (289 verts), so I thought, I’d simply add bones to every edge, so I can export it.

Now for 800 edges, that is a lot of work do do manually. Does anyone have a suggestion how to do this in a quick way?

Well, it’s a flag, so it’s a rectangle (I assume), so you could create one set of bones for the top row of verts, then just duplicate them all and move them down to the next row of verts. Repeat as needed. The problem I’m seeing is how you get the bones to follow the movements of verts? That to me is the hard part.


This is an interesting problem hope to see more suggestions on this…

The mesh (a subdivided plane) has baked vertex-animation

If a source engine work on bone animation, you can’t drive bone with vertex baking information. It’s the bone that needs animation information. How are you going to do that?

Humm, you many need to add 289 x 800 hooks! Then, associate each hook with a bone! Then key frame each frame / position on Armature! Making all that bone is the easy part!

I made an array of bones, each bone being exactly on a vertex. But I have no idea on how to “record” bone animation from the vertexes.
Any ideas?