Add downloaded archives to game (How?)

He guys, i am making a launchpad game, app etc. But i wanted to add like downloadable content (skins, beats etc)

i have in my beat list of the launchpad

-First of the year equinos beats
-Virtual riot -evil gameboy beats

  • Alex skrindo - alieve

and let´s say i download " Skrillex bangaran beats" in a download page were me as developer upload those beats, and i have to put it in a file call “Beats” for it appears in my beat list. How i can do for make that in blender?.. also it have to be playables beats…

This isn’t really a Blender question, it’s a Python question.

Figure out how to store your “beats” inside a saved file. It can be as simple as just saving a Python variable to a file. Then, all you’re doing is downloading that file to a place your Blender application can find it.

The second (harder) part to that is hosting the content online and writing a server to communicate with your game. That’s kind of a huge deal; the type of project that you learn by doing. Learn up about using sockets and writing two way servers. If it’s too complicated then you could just have a website and instruct the users where to put their downloaded content in your game install.

Wow wow wow, no one talk something abut servers xd that is expensive, i was just talking go to a page lets say mediafire were me as owner of content published the beats file, i just wanted to know how make that donloaded file “beats” in blender and also play them

Easiest way is using the pickle module for saving and loading. Take a look at Stepmania’s custom content. It’s provided as a folder per track, which contains the following:

  • Step data (the buttons to push and the timing)
  • The music
  • The banner image
  • The background image/Background animation

By the way… the music you’re talking about publishing isn’t yours to publish until you’ve got permission from the owner of the music.

No, i have all the launchpad ready BUT i just wanted to add a way that outer archives (beats) can be downloaded from a web page Thats all!
nothing complicated like servers or comunication whith the app and internet, just download the beats that i post in the page and put it in the file were are all the default beats are and the game recognise that a new file has been added to the “beats file” thats all, why here always people get whith really complex ideas…

Just think it like i am adding a sking of minecraft to my minecraft game, just download the skin and put it in the skin´s file

You would use functions like libLoad() and libNew() for this in conjunction with Python’s built in OS module.

People have done it before to allow people to add levels, you can also use the bge.texture module to dynamically swap out textures.

Hi! I don’t know if it can be usefull but you can open a web browser like this:

But I don’t know how to automate download process in a specific folder.

Youle thanks but ace dragon make the reply that helped more. yours is nothing what i am looking for this job in specific