add edges where objects intersect.


Is there a way to add edges where objects intersect?
It is similar to boolean but I do not want to do unite nor intersect operation.
I just want to add edges.
There may be such an addon but I can not remember where I can get it.

Thank you.
That addon is so useful.

Now is there a way to add edges onto the sphere?
Currently the added edges are a separated polyline.

It works.
Thank you very much for your tutorial and your time.

@Sanctuary: Thanks for tip- intersection addon. Looks great.
But when I red your final technique: use addon to create intersection edge loop, manually select two edges from each shape, apply addon on each and then recreate each face . . . Hm . . . Doesn’t in this moment easier to use just Boolean and fix the faces? Looks easier to me . . .

I don’t think the boolean modifier can do that :
Try with 2 spheres that intersect and add a boolean modifier, see what the 3 booleans setting are doing, they’re not doing what is in the screenshot in the first post

OK, you’r right. And what about duplicate objects. Use two of these Boolean method, delete unwanted parts and join?
I know it doesn’t sound such easy as before, but maybe still easier?

Sorry for question, I can’t test it in blender now, but what about new knife and snapping option?
Does it can work - cut it manually with precise?

The new knife was a good idea actually, but unfortunately it does not seem to snap the vertices of the intersect edges loop produced by the intersect addon (it only does it with the sphere vertices) that would have been a great guide for having precise cut.

And the snap with the vertice option options does not seem to have any influence on the knife as the cursor still ignore the vertices of the edge loop, not a bug obviously but very likely a function that is lacking from the current knife.

Cutting with the snap working there is obviously possible, but you’ll lose the precision unfortunately