Add emission to specific color from color ramp

Good day I’d like to add emission only to the green color, I have tried with mapping and still I’ve couldn’t. Please can you help me?
Beforehand thank you very much


duplicate the colorramp.
on the new colroramp, make what is currently blue and red pure black. make the green area pure white.
connect the attribute color node into the new colorramp, so that it goes into both colorrmaps
delete the add shader
add a ‘mix shader’
add an emission shader, make it green.
feed the emission shader into the bottom input on the msed shader
feed the principled output into the top input on the mixed shader
feed the output of the mised shader into the material output ‘surface’

OH shoot, lastly feed the new b&w mask colorramp into the mix fac in the mix shader.


Thank you very much!!!
You answered very faster.
in case someone also needs to solve this problem, you forgot one last step to feed the output of the new colorramp with the fac of the shader mix

better show a nodes set up would be easier to understand it !

happy cl

The aditional nodes to the emission node in the next picture are to create a kind of river animated