Add/Extend Frames In Middle of Project??

I have a 200 frame animated project. At frame 100, there is a pause for approximately 25 frames. I would like to “freeze” at frame 100 and do some camera manipulation for about 100 frames, returning the camera to its original position before proceeding.

It seems to me that I will have to add the necessary frames to accomplish this, and I’m hoping that there is another way to do this, without having to move keyframes within the Dope Sheet. I’m not experienced enough with Blender to do that.

Is there another way for me to “add frames” in the middle of a project?

Nope, it’s not possible. if you want to add more animation, you will have to extend the timeline. Since you are going to animate the camera for 100 extra frames, you will have to extend it beyond 300 frames instead.