Add Grid - frustrating workflow

I wanted to make a grid and visually set the X , Y Subdivisions. Unfortunately I can’t see the results of my input on the subdivisions sliders in the tool bar, in the 3D view. When the subdivisions match up with the display grid they will show up (albeit in a patchy way).
I can enter edit mode to get a clear idea of how the grid is subdivided but when I hit ‘tab’ again to exit edit mode, the initial creation parameters are gone.

This is from a fresh Blender scene, all preferences reset to factory settings so the 3d view is in ‘solid’ shading mode.

I had the idea of switching to ‘wireframe’ display mode but by default ‘all edges’ isn’t set in the display area of the ‘n’ panel. Switching on ‘all edges’ does display the current subdivisions but as soon as you alter the ‘subdivisions’ sliders the ‘all edges’ toggle snaps back off.

Which leads me into a non-interactive dance of taking a guess of the divisions I want then clicking ‘all edges’ to see if I’m right. Rinse and repeat until the subdivisions are set how I want.

I’ve done a fair bit of poly modelling in Blender before so I’m aware I could add a plane and do CTRL-R cuts on both sides and quickly get to what I want but I’m just used to doing this in Lightwave and maya where setting the subdivisions of a mesh (or cube etc.) is a quick visual feedback situation and I think beginners in Blender who are used to creating a grid in another package will get confused and find Blender’s current way of doing it clunky.

Maybe the fact that ‘all edges’ clicks off if you are still using the initial creation sliders on the ‘t’ panel, is a bug? (Display > ‘Outline Selected’ keeps it’s state even when adjusting the initial creation sliders).

If so, how do I report a bug?

Thanks for reading guys.

sorry - forgot to add, I’m on official 2.62 Win32 version

I think the “All Edges” option is suffering from a throwback to the 2.49 version where it was in the properties menu on a per mesh basis rather than placed as what you would assume is a general display option like where it is now. This would explain why it keeps coming “untoggled” as it’s not something that gets set upon creation.

Outline selected was always a property of the 3D View itself, which is why it would always stay on.

Certainly is something that would be nice to change (it’s something I find myself going to toggle on all the time myself for one reason or another). Maybe not in terms of always making it on (not sure who wouldn’t want it on), but at least making the option take into account the creation of objects.