Add hotkey for "Face Orientation" toggle? / multi-key combos not possible?

I find I’m using “Face Orientation” display a lot and find getting to it slow and tedious.

While you can Rightclick on the “Face Orientation” line to get an opportunity to set a hotkey for it, it only seems to accept single key-presses, and I was planning to use an ALT key combo with this.

Is this correct? Can the context menu dialog accept multi-key combos? :frowning:

Maybe this will help… Only a few posts long.

I was able to get CTRL+ALT+F assigned to this function, but you have to be a little deliberate in your keypresses (not sure why) AND choose a combo that is not already assigned (CTRL+F didn’t work).

Sadly, although immediately after you assign it the hotkey IS displayed in the dialog, as soon as you move the mouse the reminder disappears. IMO, that’s not good: I’d prefer it to remain. Perhaps it’s a preference setting?

It sure is nice to be able to toggle that display.

Please yes implement this! It’s so tedious to go continuously in Overlay menu and tick the Face Orientation… Most wanted hotkey for me.

Just to be clear: you CAN assign a hotkey to the function, but TMK it’s not displayed in any useful area, ie NEXT to the function, or in the hover help.

I can see why the devs might not want to put it onscreen – the layout would be VERY hard, but why not in the hover help? Or the RClick balloon?

TMK user assigned hotkeys are not even displayed while you are CHANGING the hotkeys. It’s bad.